Why Cork?

Using cork as a material is a great sustainable option because it is a renewable resource.

Cork is harvested every 9-14 years from the bark of cork oak trees, and the trees remain unharmed in the process.

Cork is a natural plant bark that has been used for thousands of years - it has even been found as bottle stoppers in Egyptian tombs!

All cork is 100% recyclable.

Cork oaks protects endangered animals by providing a home and food (acorns).

Cork is water repellent therefore it does not absorb dust, bacteria and mold cannot enter into the cells. This makes Cork materials hypoallergenic.

Cork strongly repels water due to Suberin, a waxy, rubbery substance which helps make cork water resistant.

Cork is also resistant to fire, only releasing a non-toxic smoke if it catches fire and does not produce flames.

Cork can withstand a wide range of temperatures due to the gas contained in its inter-cellular spaces.